Make Your Own Energy – Charge Your Phone By Walking

The last time you walked to the store or even went on a long bike ride with friends you generated a decent amount of energy. Yet that energy probably just burned off and wasn’t captured in any meaningful way.

A Chicago-based company called AMPY wants to harness that self generated power and funnel it back to your smartphone, or any device. Founded by three Northwestern engineering PhDs the Post-It sized product is simple: it captures and stores the kinetic energy generated by motion. When needed, plug in your phone.

Right now AMPY claims that a 30-minute run or 10,000 steps — the amount many folks target in a day — will provide an extra three hours of battery life for a smartphone. I haven’t tested AMPY, but of course there’s something a little unromantic and utilitarian about exercise now being for charging a block which then can your phone. Shasty says he wants AMPY’s energy capture technology eventually built right into devices and the company is already talking with a few wearable device makers.

AMPY launched a Kickstarter earlier this month and raised its targeted $100,000 in less than 72 hours. Since then they’ve received almost another $75,000 and are scrambling to set up their stretch goals since the campaign still has almost three weeks left to raise money.


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